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Why Adopt?


Adopting an animal at your local Restigouche County SPCA will

'Save A Life'!

Shelters are often over-crowded, and there is often simply not enough homes! Adopting a shelter animal today, gets one out of the shelter...and living a great life in your home! It also makes room for another unwanted animal to be rescued!

You will make a huge difference in the life of the animal you adopt and they will make a huge difference in your life!

How to Adopt?


Restigouche County SPCA, like any and all SPCA's, is not a pet store.

You can't simply walk in, choose an animal and buy it.

Many of our animals have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Our mandate is not just to rescue these animals, but also to find them the best forever home!

We screen our adoption applicants carefully and work hard to make sure the animal you choose is a match for you, your family & lifestyle. We want them to be a great fit, so they can stay with you for their entire life!

You will be expected to fill out an Adoption Application for the dog or cat you choose! You will be expected to provide 3 (unrelated) references who can give us some insight into how a pet would fit into your life and how we can expect you will care for the new pet.

Finally, the application process can take 3-5 business days.

It is always advised that once you have decided to adopt a pet, complete your Application and get it in! You can be pre-approved to adopt with us, so when you see your new best friend in our shelter, you are ready to go!







There is no profit in our Adoption Fee and every penny of the fee stays in our shelter operations and is used towards the care of rescued animals. 

Please remember that the adoption fee does not even cover the cost of care we put into the animal you are about to adopt.

Your adoption fee covers quality care including your pet's, 

1.)  First Vaccination,      2.)  Worm Treatment,       3.)  Microchip,      4.)  Nail Clipping,       5.) Ear Cleaning,      6.)  Flea Treatment & an Adoption Kit with Royal Canin coupons and other valuable information.


We feed our shelter animals Royal Canin pet foods and you will be required to purchase a small bag to take home with your new pet, so their tummy and bowels are not upset by a change in food. And, in your Adoption Kit, you will get coupons to use towards the future purchase of your pet's Royal Canin food.


In addition, there will be license fees for adopted dogs, required by the community in which your dog will reside with you.

If the animal you choose to adopt is not yet fixed, included in the Adoption fee is a refundable spay/neuter deposit. Once we are provided with proof of spay/neuter by your chosen vet, you will be fully reimbursed.

For cats it is a $40 deposit/refund, and for dogs it is a deposit/refund of $50.


For your convenience, you can download the adoption application form, print it, complete and return it to us.  Pre-Approved applications will remain approved for 1 year.  You can submit your application by email to or just bring it in to our Shelter!  

Adoption Fees:  


Only $185 for Dogs/Puppies                             










Only $95 for Cats/Kittens













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