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Commemorative Tiles 

Our Shelter entrance walls are lined with ceramic Commemorative Tiles, with the names of our many supporters!


These personalized tiles are a great way to make a donation to the Restigouche County SPCA, and to show your community that YOU are indeed a loyal supporter!


The 4" x 4" ceramic tiles can be labeled with your pet's name, your name, your business name, as a memorial to a loved one who has passed away, or as a tribute to a former pet, or simply to show you support of and donation to, the RC SPCA. 


You can make your donation of $100, at the shelter or via

e- transfer to

Next, simply fill out the 'PAWS' Commemorative Tile form (available through the link above at the top right of this page or pick one up at our Shelter). Drop it back to us at the shelter, or email it to us at and we'll submit your request for processing.

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