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 Des dix sous pour les chiens et chats

Just how far can your dimes go to save animals?

This program is great for anyone...and it's FABULOUS FOR KID'S!

We are hoping to build compassion for animals with a new generation of animal owner's who are committed to their pet for it's entire life!

This is a program aimed at both teaching kids the value of money & saving, while also teaching them empathy and compassion for animals!

One 500ml water or soda bottle holds about $100 in Dimes!

(an excellent project to teach kid's how to selflessly save for a good cause!)

One 2L water or soda bottle holds about $600 in Dimes!

(an excellent class or group project for kids! Or lunchroom project at work!)

Drop by the shelter to pick up labels for your bottles!

All funds raised through this program go into the 'Spay & Neuter Program' and are used to spay and neuter more animals BEFORE they even get adopted and leave our shelter.

Your donation helps prevent unwanted litters and more unwanted animals ending up in your local shelter.


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