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Sponsor a Spay or Neuter

It is always our hope to spay or neuter as many of the shelter animals as we possibly can, when we have the funds to do so.

Often, we are limited in what we can do, and have to depend on the adopter to follow through with spay or neutering, to ensure unwanted litters.

Many adopters choose animals which are already spayed or neutered, and that means that animals who are not yet spayed or neutered, are less likely to be adopted quickly.

You can help by sponsoring a spay or neuter!

You can make a $100 donation to our 'Spay/Neuter Program', which will be used to spay another animal awaiting adoption. Your donation can be dropped off at the shelter, paid via transfer to, or by simply clicking on the 'Donate' button above!


(Of course, you can also make a smaller donation, and it will be held and used towards the spay or neuter of an animal when we have enough funds. Every dollar helps towards the cause!) 

You could also choose an animal in our adoption area, who needs to be spayed or neutered, to help get that animal adopted!

We will post a 'kennel card' on that animal's kennel, with your name, letting potential adopters & visitors know that you are the generous supporter who has sponsored the animal's spay or neuter.

Sponsoring a spay or neuter is an excellent way to help ensure that fewer unwanted animals are born, and then left at shelters when homes can not be found or owners simply do not want to deal with litters.

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