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The Restigouche County SPCA could not exist without the support of our valued and dedicated volunteers. You bring a diversity of interests, knowledge, expertise and caring to our organization. We are pleased you have chosen to make a commitment to donate such precious commodities to us – your time and talents.


Listed below are guidelines for our Volunteers. Please consider these carefully you decide to apply to volunteer with us.  If you have any questions, please email us at

Volunteer Guidelines

  • Persons volunteering at the shelter must be at least 16 years of age.

  • Volunteers between the ages of 16-17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who can ensure adherence to directives.

  • Volunteers must be at least 18 to volunteer independently, and will then be responsible to adhere to directives on their own.

  • All shelter volunteers will be asked to sign a waiver of responsibility and code of conduct.

  • All Shelter volunteers are expected to adhere to directives regarding restricted areas and disease prevention practices.

  • In addition, to prevent the spread of disease among our shelter population, all persons volunteering within the shelter must have their animals current on their vaccinations. Of utmost importance, if any volunteers have multiple cat households, is that they refrain from volunteering if any of their cats are sneezing or sick, if any are unvaccinated or are feral rehabs or have ever had respiratory disease. 

  • Volunteers in the Shelter work ONLY in public adoption and/or laundry areas.  No volunteers shall work with “quarantined” or “pound” animals.

  • Volunteers in the Shelter shall handle and treat the animals with respect. 

  • No acts of physical or verbal aggression will be tolerated towards animals, staff or the public.


The Restigouche County SPCA reserves the right to re-assign or remove any volunteers they deem unqualified.


Dog Walking

Dog walking can be physically demanding, but the dogs benefit tremendously from the exercise and human companionship. Dog Walkers provide stress reduction activities during the walk and teach the dog leash manners to increase adoptability. The interaction between walker and dog helps socialize the dog. Behaviorists believe dogs that are taken for daily walks are better behaved, are less likely to be destructive, obsessive, or have separation/dominance issues and all of this increases their chances for adoption.

Walking offers mental stimulation for a dog by investigating every smell, sight, and sound when you take him for a stroll.

For safety reasons, our dogs are walked only on the SPCA property.


Cat Socialization:

Feeding, cleaning, and caring for the cats and kittens.

This program is designed to increase trust in humans for cats that have been poorly socialized or have been strays for a time. Cat socialization is the process of developing trust in a cat and acclimatizing the cat to people and other animals in a home environment. A cat who is not socialized can be timid, distrustful, scared or aggressive. A well-socialized cat is more likely to be loving, trusting, affectionate and well-behaved; therefore is more adoptable. 

Volunteers can familiarize cats to positive interaction with humans through play, grooming, and handling.

Shelter Cleaning: 

Every day, the sanitation of the indoor and outdoor kennels is completed, removal/disposal of waste is done, and many, many linens are laundered!  Sanitation is key to preventing the spread of disease and is the base on which we support happy, healthy animals.

The Shelter Team is constantly cleaning and appreciates en extra set of hands! 

Seasonal Snow Clearing / Weeding:

Snow Shoveling/Snow Blowing: During the winter months, we are challenged to keep the dog yards and access to yard buildings clear of snow & ice. If the areas are not kept clear, the build up of packed snow and ice prohibits the safe movement from building to building and the use of yard gates.  We have a snow blower & shovels, but need extra hands that can commit to a season of helping us clean up after each storm. The Shelter Team is often busy with animal rescue and care - and needs your help to shovel the snow!

Summer/Fall Weeding: Our yards are primarily crushed stone, but often the weeds creep up. We are looking for volunteers who can spend an afternoon pulling weeds, so that the yards are clear for the dogs to run and play!


Special Events:

We participate in several educational or fundraising events in our communities throughout the year. We always need volunteers to help!

Consider one event, or even just a few hours here & there! Any time you can volunteer, is most appreciated! 

Some events include:

  • Charlo Fall Fair (including early morning clean-up!)

  • Dalhousie Christmas Parade

  • Summer Splash!

  • Bon Ami

Email us at: or call 506-694-4396 to let us know YOU would like to help at any of these events!

Used Bookstore:

Our 'Used Bookstore' is an important fundraiser for our Shelter Operations. We need volunteers who are interested in books and have great customer service skills!

Consider one or two shifts a week...or one or two shifts a month! Any time you can volunteer, is most appreciated! 

Email us at: or call 506-694-4396 to let us know YOU would like to help in our bookstore!

Become a Board Member:

The Restigouche County SPCA is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. As with any Board, we welcome new members and new ideas!

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month, at the Dalhousie Recreaplex. If you have a talent to contribute and have an interest in working as a part of a team, committed to our Shelter, consider joining our Board!

Email us at: or call 506-694-4396 to let us know YOU would like to help by volunteering on our Board!

*Board Members are asked to provide a Criminal Background Check and are subject to the acceptance of all Board Members by vote.





We always need experienced groomers (over 18) willing to donate their services.  We have many very dirty, matted dogs coming through our doors, so the groomer must be able to handle large dogs as well as cats. Often, the animals we shelter have been living outdoors or in poor conditions and their fur shows this.  By being groomed, the animals become more adoptable and happier!  If you are, or know, an experienced groomer willing to donate their services, please let us know!

Transfert d’animaux

Parfois nous devons  transférer des animaux à d’autres abris ou groupes de secours. Si vous êtes prêt à faire un don de votre gaz, 

le kilométrage et le temps de transférer un chat ou un chien à une autre ville ou un village, venez nous voir pour remplir une demande 

à faire du bénévolat pour transférer les animaux. Nous vous appellerons quand nous avons besoin, et vous pourriez peut-être transporter

un animal à une nouvelle vie merveilleuse! MERCI!

Office Volunteer


The RCSPCA receives dozens of phone calls and inquiries every day.  The tasks include data entry, filing, making and answering phone calls and photocopying.  Whoever chooses to volunteer their time in the office will have to be very knowledgeable about the daily routine at the RCSPCA.  This person must be 18 or older, have strong computer skills, strong communication skills, be comfortable making phone calls and will require a criminal record check. 

Special Events


Throughout the year we participate in several special events like parades, fundraisers, etc.  We love having people to help us bring the animals to show off and help out.

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