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Donate Recyclable Beverage Bottles & Cans

Another easy way you can support the Restigouche County SPCA is by donating your recyclable beverage bottles & cans!

Simply hang onto your beverage bottles & cans, then take them to either:

Billy's Bottle Exchange, Dalhousie, NB

(place them in the SPCA GreenBox)


Marina Bottle Exchange, Campbellton, NB

The wonderful folks there will exchange your bottles and donate the redemption money to the SPCA for you!

NOTE: Please help us by dropping off your donated beverage bottles & cans to the respective exchange closest to you.

Please DO NOT drop them off at the shelter, as it is difficult for our team to find time away from animal care to take them.

We appreciate your donation and that you take it to the convenient exchange for us!

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