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About Us

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About Restigouche County SPCA:

"To Dream the Impossible Dream"

Impossibility:  a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools. 

– Napoleon Bonaparte

The idea of the SPCA began one night as two people were closing the door of the veterinarian's office and almost stepped on a box with a litter of pups inside.  There was no animal shelter at the time.  It was cold, bitter cold. The outside steps were frozen blocks, and we collectively wondered why no one had left the box inside the door, as opposed to where it was exposed to the elements.

After speaking with the local authorities as well as the newspaper, calling a public meeting to explore the idea of starting an SPCA was suggested. Then and there, the long and arduous journey to having an animal shelter began with that small initial step.

The meeting convened and twenty concerned citizens showed up.  There were people from both Campbellton and Dalhousie attending this inaugural meeting.  All decided in favor of forming an SPCA.  The attendees elected a governing board and started mulling over various ideas. We needed to call it something, the name Restigouche County SPCA was proposed. The name caught on.


The Restigouche County SPCA evolved from a good idea to a tangible entity at that December 1985 meeting. At the epicenter were the newspaper editor and a veterinarian, but we were supported by some very good people, a couple still on the board 30 years later. It went a giant leap forward when we actually acquired a physical structure in 1991.


Starting in 2010, RC SPCA began a fundraising campaign to build a new shelter.  Thanks to the generosity of many supporters and donors, we were able to have that dream become reality when we held the Grand Opening  of our modern, new shelter in November of 2014, next door to the old building. 

A volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Restigouche County SPCA, along with our in-shelter Admin, Shelter Attendant and Animal Health Team Leads, as well as full and part-time Shelter Attendants.

The RC SPCA operates throughout Restigouche County advocating to promote humane & responsible treatment of animals as well as providing animal control services.


Please drop by for a tour to meet the candidates 'wagging tails' & 'purring' for forever homes! Our team would welcome an opportunity to introduce you to your Restigouche County SPCA & Shelter!

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In 2019, we partnered with Pedigree Adoption Drive to improve our shelter for dogs awaiting adoption, and to help educate and assist new adopters so dogs stay in their new forever homes...forever!
Come by to see our new Adoption Yards, Agility & click under the 'Adoptable Dogs' tab to see our 'What to Expect When you Adopt a Dog' pamphlet!

Pet Ownership 
for the Life of your Pet!"

Includes spaying & neutering 
your pets early to prevent more
unwanted litters ending up in shelters!

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Used Book Store:

165 Baybreeze Drive, Dalhousie, NB

Right beside our Shelter!

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, 10am - 4pm

Saturday 12pm - 4pm

(look for winter hours posted on our Facebook page)

Sugarloaf Mall, Campbellton, NB

Sugarloaf Community Market

Saturdays, 9am - 2pm

Summer Used Book Kiosk,

Campbellton Waterfront, Campbellton, NB

(look for seasonal hours advertised for the summer!)

Farmer's Market Booth:

Dalhousie Farmer's Market

Dalhousie, NB

Saturdays, 8am - 1pm

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