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Meet Our Dogs



Australian Shepherd / Poodle
Age: 1 year old

Potter is a gentle, quiet and sweet boy. He has not been properly socialized and has led a very sheltered life so far!

He isn’t very brave and is very cautious and hesitant with new things until he learns more about them and then he is okay.

He is looking for a calm and quiet home with lots of snuggles and love! He will have some accidents in the house at first and will need some time spent with him to understand about doing his business outside.


German Shepherd
Female (spayed)
3 Years Old

This beautiful girl is crate trained and well behaved. She is playful and has lots of fun fetching a ball but needs some training to drop it for another throw. She will jump when engaged in play.


She has a great temperament and has not been reactive with the other dogs. We have not tested her with the cats and are not sure how she would be with kids.



Golden Doodle
Age: 1 year old

This handsome guy is looking for a particular home suited for his temperament and personality. He will need an owner who is willing to work on positive reinforcement for good behaviour and be consistent.

He can sometimes be growly & snippy, especially in situations he is uncomfortable or unfamiliar with...this will need some time and proper training to correct.

He likes to mouth when over stimulated and excited which makes him unsuitable for small children.

Marley is very smart and will learn quickly with the right person.




Shepherd Mix
Age: 3 years old

This gorgeous boy is very alert and vocal and will let you know if someone is around who shouldn’t be. He is cautious when meeting new people and will growl if approached too quickly by someone he isn’t familiar with. He has lived with another dog but is reactive when he sees some of the dogs here at the shelter, not tested with cats.


What Timmy Needs:

  • A quiet home with no kids

  • Regular exercise & mental stimulation, he is very smart.

  • An owner who will use positive reinforcement to build Timmy’s confidence so he isn’t nervous in new situations or when meeting new people.

  • An owner who can manage his barking.



Australian Shepherd Mix
Age: 1 year old (62 lbs)
Male (neutered) 

Ruger isn’t interested in fetching a ball or engaging much in play. He loves people, attention and affection. He is good with the other dogs at the shelter (not cat tested) and is mild mannered and quiet. He had a haircut before coming to the shelter and usually has a longer coat.


He is a very sweet boy!

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