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Meet Our Dogs



BREED: Chocolate Lab / Mix

BORN: 2020 

SEX: Male (not neutered)

WEIGHT: 76 lbs



BREED: Bully / Mix

BORN: March 2022

SEX: Male (neutered)

Weston surprised shelter staff one morning when we found him tied to our fence.


He understands basic commands of sit & stay and once he has been exercised he is much more calm and receptive to these commands. He does get excited and with his size he might bump into small kids and knock them down. He has been non-responsive while being walked through our cat area so we feel he would do fine in a household with cats.

Thor is an absolute sweetheart. He is apprehensive with new things and people but very quickly is affectionate and cuddly. He loves his crate and will settle in when he wants his quiet time. He is very well mannered and well trained and patiently sits when waiting to be fed, waiting to get his leash on, when entering and exiting through doors, etc...

We feel he would do best in a home where he is the only dog. 


Added Bonus: He has been neutered!



BREED: Labrador Retriever / Mix

BORN: September 2022

SEX: Female (not spayed)

WEIGHT: 50 lbs



BREED: Husky / Mix

BORN: March 2023

SEX: Female (not spayed)

WEIGHT: 40 lbs

Cali is a happy dog and loves people. She has a lot of energy and may be a bit too active for households with small children. She would do best in a household where she has her people around her most of the time as she gets a bit anxious when left alone. She is a young dog and will need to be trained how to walk nicely while on a leash as well as basic manners. She is super smart and with positive reinforcement and doggie knowledge she will learn quickly and will be a really good companion.  

Dakota is a quiet dog and is very social with people.  She loves her rub downs, scratches and brushes which does wonders for her beautiful coat of fur! Dakota is always so happy when shelter staff stop to say hello to her and sometimes pees a little in excitement. With age, confidence building and positive reinforcement of what a good girl she is, these occurrences should improve.  

She is treat motivated and has learned part of the obstacle course with treat reinforcement and encouragement.  



BREED: Terrier / Retriever / Mix

BORN:  January 2022

SEX: Male (not neutered)

WEIGHT: 60 lbs



BREED: Shepherd

BORN: June 2022

SEX: Male (not neutered)

WEIGHT: 78 lbs

Gus is a big and friendly guy who will need some leash training as he is a puller. He is a big beautiful boy who loves when staff give him attention and tell him how handsome he is. He is a good boy in a home and will look forward to nice walks and lots of rubs and scratches from his adopters. He does well when walking past the cats and does well interacting through the fence with the other dogs.

Riley is a young shepherd who is very friendly but will need some training. Riley does well when we walk him through the cat area so we think as long as a proper introduction is done he would be fine co-habitating with cats.


He does not do well with children, therefore, kid free homes will only be considered for potential adoptions.

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