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Fostering can be invaluable as it provides the opportunity to socialize an animal, get it out of the shelter environment and give it a chance if the animal just can't adapt to the confines and the solitude of the shelter.  

Expectations for Fosters:

Fosters must complete an 'Application to Foster', including references, and be 'approved'.

Fosters must have their own animals fully vaccinated and be able to prove such. 

Fosters will be expected to administer any medications required, as directed by the RC SPCA.  

Fosters must be prepared to accept full liability for any incidents involving the animal, while it is away from the shelter.  As with all shelter animals, we have limited knowledge of this animal.  Based on our observations as well as limited resources & expertise required to modify behaviour effectively in a shelter, we believe this animal will do better in a foster home, so that this animal may become a better candidate for adoption.  As such, the animal is leaving the care and control of the shelter and is going to the care & control of a foster.  The foster now accepts all liability which may result from fostering of this animal. Fosters should NOT promote or post foster animals via their own social media.  We often have situations where an animal's whereabouts, condition, etc. needs to be kept in confidence an we always want to keep the identity of fosters confidential.

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